*** SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL *** Due to the sensitive nature of the photos on the following pages; and with sincere consideration and utmost respect for the families involved; it is my practice and intention to NOT offer these or any such photos of this nature for sale to the general public. I am making the VIEWING ONLY of these photos available for family, friends and fellow firefighters; who knew, worked with, lived with, admired or loved these truly amazing individuals. At times, being able to reflect back in remembrance to when they were still with us has a positive, calming effect and we may find ourselves smiling as we think about the happiness that they brought into our lives. Now they have answered their ‘Final Alarm’; as we pay tribute in their memory, for they sit beside their Brothers at the right hand of God in Heaven. May they rest in eternal peace............................................Ron Johnson. *To the immediate family members ONLY: You may obtain a CD with a full set of photos, free of charge, by emailing Ron at: photozonfire@optonline.net

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1. 12/20/2014 - Joseph Herrmann said:
Ron, I enjoy looking at all the photos that you take. I am a Captain in the Butler Fire Dept and wish to view the photos of the funeral of Dennis Lonagan but I need the password. Thanks in advance for your consideration.